iQEST is a QMS that can be deployed either as a stand-alone Quality Control System, or integrated within our ERP solutions. Providing clear precise step by step Quality assessments, that yield full product traceability.  iQEST provides fast, intelligent, real-time Quality Control  for a number of industries, products and machinery. Complemented by real-time company wide data visibility, allowing quality issues to be identified and dealt with swiftly, reducing time consuming and costly product failure and recalls.

Using the latest touchscreen tablet technology, iQEST is a simple to use Quality Control System, with a series of flexible in-house configurable profiles. Users answer a series of questions relating to the product being assessed, with more in-depth questioning and opportunities to take images offered as more serious quality issues are discovered. iQEST implements a computerised company wide Quality Control standard, offering assessments for any product type or process.

Quality information can be gathered at any time on a multitude of products and processes, such as product arrival, movement of goods, despatch, also handling machinery and equipment service assessments, environmental tests, regular in-house inspections and collection of uniformed data for external audit reporting (including BRC).

Data collected is made instantly available in real-time for key departments, facilitating Procurement, Production and Claims. Assessment history is retained, so in the event of in-house requests, on the spot audits or product recall situations, assessments can be linked together to produce fast and comprehensive quality trends and detailed forward and backwards product traceability.

Key Features:

  • Full and Comprehensive Product Life Cycle Traceability
    Easy to access and highly visible assessment data accumulates automatically to provide much needed product traceability from arrival through to despatch, allowing quick and easy trace of product (where used, where sent and product origins) for in-house needs, on the spot audits and product recalls.
  • Quality Inspection and Traceability at Source
    The highly mobile tablet based Quality Control system can work remotely to allow onsite inspection of growers, farms, shippers, suppliers, with assessment information being made available company-wide to complement and enhance existing in-house quality audits and traceability.
  • Reduces Costly Recalls
    Configurable intelligent on-board validation alerts users and management to issues that may otherwise get missed through lack of concentration, distraction and mistakes.
  • Efficient, Time Saving and Cost Effective
    Real-time multi-site assessment visibility reduces the volume of manual data collections, and removes the need to perform repetitive error prone tasks, both in-house and across multi-sites. High real-time data visibility allows management to concentrate informed effort, targeting areas where issues are occurring, or where quality has decreased over recent times.
  • Increased Productivity and Accuracy
    Fast data input, along with barcode scanning and on-board validation, provide consistent, user friendly screens removing slow repetitive tasks, reducing product inspection times.
  • Enhanced Data Visibility and Company Awareness
    Management and users quickly become aware of quality supply issues and make informed decisions, through in-depth desktop information interrogation via rapid flexible data sorting, filtering and powerful ad-hoc searching, including KPI based Business intelligence. Giving full access to inspections, resulting in comprehensive product quality and traceability reporting.

iQEST QMS ERP Rubicon Live Operations III