ENTERPRO is our latest ERP system, bringing together many years of experience and the latest technologies, ENTERPRO lies at the heart of the business.  It provides solutions for finance, sales, purchasing, stock control, warehousing and quality control in one software solution.

ENTERPRO provides users with real-time information, which is always available at the user’s fingertips.  Users are presented with screens using the latest styling in a familiar and user friendly environment.  ENTERPRO is fast, flexible, robust and highly capable, allowing it to evolve as business demands increase, whilst still presenting the user with an innovative easy to use suite of applications.

Key Features:

  • Time Savings and Cost Savings Through Efficiency
    ENTERPRO provides task automation, increased data visibility and high levels of systems integration, reducing the need for multiple data collections and repetitive tasks.
  • Full Product Traceability
    A full and comprehensive product life cycle trace is at hand, from raw material intake, to finished product positive release.  Providing fast traceability for daily, weekly and on the spot customer audits, taking minimal time and effort.
  • Increased Productivity and Accuracy
    ENTERPRO removes many manual error prone tasks, with the automation of key business functions, along with quick access to key features and consistent, user friendly screens.
  • Enhanced Data Visibility
    Data is highly visible through easy to use flexible data sorting, filtering and powerful searching, with in-depth information interrogation via ENTERPRO’s own Business Intelligence suite.
  • Reduced User Training
    The time and cost of training is kept to a minimum through the latest clear and simple, intuitive screens, with the ability to rename key phases to suit in-house terms, e.g. consignment, load, lot, purchase order, intake.
  • Expedient Raising of Claims using Photos
    A sophisticated touch driven Quality Control system is available for onsite and offsite inspections, at ports, growers and farms, throughout the supply chain.  The user is guided through a series of in-house configurable questions, taking pictures as issues are found, highlighting problems fast.
  • High Levels of Data Security
    Data security is offered through database and systems technologies, allowing application and data access to be tightly controlled.
  • Rapid Data Collection and Reaction to Product and Machinery Issues
    The use of touchscreen, scanning and wireless technologies in harsh production environments allow fast and accurate input.
  • Full System Change Audits
    Change audits are available system wide, on all ERP data creation, amendment, scans, splits, movements and deletions.

ENTERPRO Rubicon ERP Touchscreen