ENTERPRISE is our well established ERP system, which is widely used in the Fresh Produce, Flowers, Manufacturing and Warehousing sectors. This ERP system has evolved over a number of years, and contains a wide range of functionality to meet your business needs.

The ENTERPRISE system is a completely real-time, multi-user, multi-site, multi-currency modular system. This system has modules including Forecasting, Procurement, Stock Control, Traceability, Production, Warehousing, QC/QA and full Financials. It also includes our state of the art Business Intelligence software giving users full access to their valuable data. The ENTERPRISE system is the ideal ERP system for any size of business, can be implemented in phases, and can be scaled up as your business grows.

Key Features:

  • Full consignment traceability
    is the core of the system tracking product from intake, through the storage, quality assessment, production and distribution processes to the end customer.
  • Fully integrated QC/QA modules
    allow product assessment to be captured either on-site or at a remote location, giving valuable quality and traceability data to be reported to customer, supplier and/or grower.
  • Touchscreen technology
    allows data to be captured and validated in real-time in the simplest form. This technology is widely used at intake, and in the production/packhouse environment, to allow the capture of works order data for analysis of production performance, profitability and efficiency.
  • Integrated Financials
    are included within the ENTERPRISE system, allowing real-time credit checking and full consignment P&L reporting. The Financials suite of modules also includes modules to handle Bank Reconciliation, Asset Register and Intrastats.
  • Forecasting and Procurement
    modules allow sales trends to be identified and combined with Actual Sales and Real-Time stock data, to determine future procurement requirements.
  • Core modules
    include full Sales Order processing with automated EDI links, full SSCC Outloading, Despatch, ASN generation and Sales Invoicing.
  • Warehouse Management
    provides full traceability from raw material intake and storage, through the production process. This uses the latest touchscreen and barcode technologies for fast and efficient stock control. Our latest exciting innovation is the use of Voice Technology, more detailed information is available from the link on the home page.
  • Data Visibility and Reporting
    is available on three different levels. Each module includes its own suite of reports, which can be complemented by utilising an integrated report writer and Report Scheduler application. Finally our Data Analysis module is available for high level analysis, extraction and manipulation of a vast amount of data to produce KPI reporting with ease.
  • Auditability
    is standard throughout the ENTERPRISE ERP system, recording a full transaction history which when combined with user login and access security profiles, provides a secure but fully auditable system.
  • Standard Interfaces
    are included within the system giving the ability to interface with Third Party Financial Packages, On-Line Printers, Pack Line Equipment, Websites through the use of XML files and all the main EDI providers.