Our approach is to identify key activities that are critical to the successful delivery of the Project milestones whilst also taking into consideration the customers requirements, available resource and deadlines. A Project Team will be assembled once the draft Project Implementation Plan has been discussed and agreed.

The Project Team will consist of some or all of the individuals required within the roles and responsibilities listed below, who are necessary to cover all aspects of the initial System Implementation and ongoing support during the critical three months or so, post Implementation.

Rubicon Project Team

Overall Project Manager and a Business Manager

  • Total responsibility of the overall project

Project Leader

  • Responsible for the day-to-day implementation
  • Analysing the business requirements and System configuration
  • Gap analysis and generating functional/technical specifications for identified bespoke developments
  • Responsible for implementing and training on the core product
  • Responsible for liaising with the software development team

Development and Support Team

  • Responsible for any/all software development specified by Project Leaders
  • Responsible for on-going post-implementation support

MIS Developer and Data Analyst (if required)

  • Crystal Report or Data Analysis/Business Intelligence development training and support

Technical Team

  • Responsible for any hardware implementation, technical issues, and/or on-going technical support